American Heart Association {2019 Impact}

Maui Kids Cook with Heart Program 
American Heart Association

1. number of student attended each class is 25 per class (16 classes per year, 4-7 wks each =  74 total classes taught this year. 

2. number of meals they learned to prepare is 5-6 per class.

3. how many classes per school per year-

Princess & Kam 3 both had 5 classes, 5th grade, total 125 students each school.

Intermediate has 2 classes of 40 kids each class (total 80).

High school had 2 classes 25, 31 = 56 students. 


Thanks to the Nabavi Legacy Foundation’s donation, food costs were provided for the American Heart Association’s Maui Kids Cook with Heart Program for over 70 educational classes serving 386 Lahaina youth this school year.  This program is focused on preventing illness by educating kids on healthy eating and cooking skills to improve their diets now and their health outcomes in the future. Thank you Nabavi Legacy Foundation for your generous donation of $5,000! 

Chef Nabavi