Nabavi Legacy Fund



The Nabavi Legacy Fund was created by Paris and Donna Nabavi to support programs that nourish the minds and bodies of Maui's children.

 The Nabavis: From left to right, Donna, Paris, and Layla at a fundraising gala for Imua Family Services.

The Nabavis: From left to right, Donna, Paris, and Layla at a fundraising gala for Imua Family Services.


As Maui restaurateurs, foodies, and parents, Paris and Donna have a particular interest in educating kids to eat healthy, make sustainable food choices, and develop a lifelong love of learning – all while having fun. To achieve this, they have pledged ongoing support to local non-profits whose work aligns with the Fund's mission. Together, these programs aim to achieve the following:

  • Inspire better nutritional choices in school children
  • Teach children about where food comes from and why sustainability matters
  • Empower children of low-income families to choose and buy their own books
  • Foster a love of creativity, innovation, and fun through arts



The Nabavi Legacy Fund supports the following eight nonprofit organizations:

Funds are raised for these groups through personal donations and the participation of chefs and restaurants in the Nabavi Legacy Fund. Scroll down to read more about Nabavi Legacy Fund.


Nabavi Legacy Fund


Giving Back by Dining Out

The Nabavi Legacy Fund has a dining promotion created by Chef Paris Nabavi in 2015 to raise money for select Maui nonprofits. These nonprofits focus on youth in arts, education, and wellness, areas that are critical for the well-being of Maui’s next generation.

How Our Dining Program Works

Food and beverage industry members — businesses and individuals — are eligible to join. This includes restaurants, chefs, farmers, vendors, and distributors. Restaurants and food trucks participating in The Nabavi Legacy Fund choose a popular menu item and donate a portion of each sale to the Nabavi Legacy Fund. In exchange for participation, the restaurants are acknowledged in island-wide marketing efforts for their support of the program.

Our Generous Sponsors

We owe a heartfelt mahalo to the Makana Aloha Foundation for a $20,000 grant to help launch The Nabavi Legacy Fund, and to our network of Community Givers – First Hawaiian Bank (Lahaina Branch), The Maui Cookie Lady, The Maui Visitor Channel, and Lahaina Ice Cream Parlor – for their generous support. We welcome donations from businesses, foundations or individuals.

How You Can Help

As an involved island community, we need to support the organizations that help our children the most. Individuals can help by doing what you love to do – dining out – at one of The Nabavi Legacy Fund. Food & Beverage industry members can join the Maui RSVP program or contact us to discuss ways to get involved. If you would like to do more, we invite you to make a donation directly to the Nabavi Legacy Fund.